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A Quick Guide to Designing Your Survey Emails

You’ve finished creating your survey, and you’re ready to send it out using SurveyTown’s email feature. Before sending the email out, you want your email to look like your brand and to customize the content in the email.  When sending out a survey with this email feature, you get the opportunity to design an email that reflects your brand. This feature ensures that your customers will recognize that the email is coming from you, and they are more likely to respond to your survey. 

In this article, we will cover SurveyTown’ts customizable email features in detail. 

Getting Started

In the “Share” tab of the given survey you want to send out, you will see four options to share your survey. To send out your survey through email, you will find the first icon on the left is the “Email” icon.  If this is the first time creating an email for the survey, just click on the Email icon. If you had previously started designing an email, click on the menu icon located in the top left-hand corner of the “Email” option and choose “Customize design”.This will open the email design page. l. 

Designing Your Email

Once on the design page of your email, you will notice there are many options to customize your email. On the left-hand column, you will see that your customizable options are listed. In the center, you will see what your email looks like as you change the customizable options. As you customize these fields, you will notice your email’s design change before your eyes. Here is a description of the options you can customize.

On the left-hand side, you can set the “Brand/Product Name”, “Brand/Product Color”, and also the “Header” which can show your brand name or logo.  Set your “Reply to” email and “From” name, and notice it will change at the top of your email. You can also set the email subject line in the “Subject” field and compose an “Intro message” to add some text to the body of the email.

The final two options on the left side allow you to set some survey automation. In order to stay on top of what your customer needs, you have the opportunity to send a “Recurring Email”. You can send “Recurring Emails” to customers if you want to email them once a quarter or once a year automatically to ask them their opinion.

In order to ensure your customers respond to your survey, you have the opportunity to send “Automatic Reminders” to customers that have not yet completed your survey.  A reminder email can be set as early as 7 days, or as late as 21 days after sending. 

Preview Your Email

Before sending out your survey through email, you can preview what it will look like to your customers. Quickly and easily see what your email will look like in desktop and mobile view. By default, your email will be shown in “Desktop” view. Above your designed email, you can switch between “Desktop” and “Mobile” view by selecting the associated tab. 

Test Your Email

Once your email looks and sounds the way you want it to, you will want to see how it performs when you send it to your customers. You can do this by sending a test email. In the design section, you will find where to send a test email directly below your designed email. In the short text box, fill in the email address that you want to send a test to and click “Send”.

Final Thoughts 

Designing your email that reflects your brand is essential to gaining more responses to your survey. SurveyTown’s email feature allows you to design the look of your email, establish who it’s from, set a reminder and recurring emails. You also have the option to preview and test your email. When your customers receive your survey in their inbox, they will instantly recognize your brand and will be more likely to respond.