Admin_Send_Message(string key, struct clientIds)


Send an Alert Message to a set of your clients

Parameter Type Required Description
key string Yes
Your API key – used to authenticate your account
clientIds struct Yes
An array of Client IDs who will receive the message
shortMessage string Yes
A short message, up to 255 characters
optionalParameters[fullMessage] string No
The full text of the alert message
optionalParameters[url] string No
A URL to include in the alert message
optionalParameters[priority] int No
Priority with respect to other alert messages, valid values are 0-5
optionalParameters[startDate] string No
Create the message on this date
optionalParameters[expiresDate] string No
Create the message on this date
optionalParameters[messageId] string No
A unique identifier, maximum of 24 characters
Call (GET)[]=105972