Welcome to the Surveytown REST API.

In order to start using the API you will first need a valid Surveytown account (sign up for a free trial or paid Surveytown account).  Once your account is created, login and create an API key by going to Settings > API Key.

Once that is done you can access the REST API via the following URL:

Here’s an example using the Survey_Find call to find all of your currently active Surveys:[status]=active

NOTE: API calls that contain non-required variables, the optional parameters are added to the URL using the string “optionalParameters” with the parameter name inside the bracket [] and then it equaling a value.

Our keys are assigned to users. When you sign up for a SurveyTown account, your username is considered the first user, is permanent and has all permissions.  Other users can be assigned a subset of permissions and any API keys assigned to that user will be limited by the permission constraints of that user.  For example if a user in the application was limited to seeing just the reporting of certain surveys then any API Key created for that user would also be limited to seeing just those survey reports.