Response_Update(string key, int surveyId , int responseId)


Update a survey response. Note: ranker type takes the rank number as its input.

Parameter Type Required Description
key string Yes Your API key – used to authenticate your account
surveyId int Yes The ID of the survey you want to modify
responseId int Yes The ID of the response you want to modify
optionalParameters[isComplete] bool No Set a response as completed
optionalParameters[personCode] string No A unique respondent identifier
optionalParameters[urlVariables] struct No A struct of URL Variables see below for details
updateParameters struct Yes The structure changes depending on the question type see below for details


Parameter Structure Example
urlVariables optionalParameters[urlVariables][{URL Variable Name}]=string optionalParameters[urlVariables][StoreID]=345


Question Type Structure Example
singleText updateParameters[{QuestionID}]=string updateParameters[13]=steve
multiText updateParameters[{QuestionID}]=string updateParameters[13]=steve
singleChoice updateParameters[{QuestionID}][{ChoiceID}]=bool updateParameters[16][44]=1
multiChoice updateParameters[{QuestionID}][{ChoiceID}]=bool updateParameters[16][44]=1
addSum updateParameters[{QuestionID}][{ChoiceID}]=int updateParameters[18][59]=20
ranker updateParameters[{QuestionID}][{ChoiceID}]=int updateParameters[18][59]=1
matrix updateParameters[{QuestionID}][{RowID}][{ChoiceID}]=bool updateParameters[17][5][54]=1
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