Survey_Get_Info(string key, int surveyId)


Retrieve a survey

Parameter Type Required Description
key string Yes
Your API key – used to authenticate your account
surveyId string Yes
Return only the survey with the supplied ID
Call (GET)
Possible Response Property Strings
Property Values
type survey, event
status draft, active, complete
questionType singleText, multiText, singleChoice, multiChoice, matrix, addSum, ranker, snippet, email, subscription, customfield, netPromoter, fileUpload, url, number, date, rating, pictureSingleChoice, pictureMultiChoice
inputType dropdown, radio
radioButtonArrange vertical, horizontal
shapes stars, hearts, users, bells, comments, flags, circles, squares
conditionType contains, doesNotContain, startsWith, endsWith, isOneOf, isNotOneOf, is, isNot, isGreaterThan, isLessThan, after, before, fileUploaded, fileNotUploaded
matchType any, all
pageAction jumpPage, submitSurvey, submitSurveyGoToUrl, goToUrl
ipLimitedType null, ip, email
progressBarPosition null, top, bottom, both
questionNumbering null, page, survey
thanksType default, message, url