Survey_Get_Responses_By_Email(string key, string emailAddress)


Retrieve responses a specific contact has entered.  Respondent needs to have used a personalized URL (PURL)

Parameter Type Required Description
key string Yes
Your API key – used to authenticate your account
emailAddress string Yes
The email address of the contact you want to retrieve responses for
optionalParameters[surveyId] int No
Return only survey responses for this survey
optionalParameters[startDate] date No
Return only survey responses started on this date (UTC)
optionalParameters[endDate] date No
Return only surveys ending on this date (UTC)
optionalParameters[is_complete] bool No
Return only survey responses that are complete (true) or incomplete (false)
optionalParameters[page] int No
Return questions on this page of the search results
optionalParameters[offset] int No
Starting index to return results from. Indexed from 0.
optionalParameters[num] int No
Number of results to return
optionalParameters[response_id] int No
Unique response identifier
optionalParameters[contact_id] int No
Unique respondent identifier created
optionalParameters[person_code] int No
Unique respondent identifier provided
optionalParameters[sortDir] string No
Sort direction, valid values: U, D
Call (GET)