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Knowing makes all the difference

In the episode “Go Big or Go Home” on the StartUp podcast, three co-founders are trying to figure out why they are not quickly acquiring customers in their startup group dating app called DatingRing.  One day Y combinator partner, Michael Seibel, asks them, “How do we know this is a product people want?”.   They had assumed that group dates were inherently better than on-on-one dates and the whole company was geared to go in that direction.  But in an effort to figure out why they were not getting traction, they decided to ask their customers if they actually preferred one-on-one dates or group dates or both.

As Lauren, a co-founder, explains : “The results started coming and initially it was all ‘one-on-one’ dates.  I was like  ‘Woah. REALLY”…  it was literally only one person … who said they preferred group dates .”.

“I had no idea.”

The podcast goes on to explain that the startup pivoted.  They ended up starting up one-on-one dates and the revenue shot through the roof.

SurveyTown is a platform for gathering information that can change your direction for the better.  Gathering feedback from those you serve – whether that be customers, clients, partners, employees, constituents, donors, students or anyone else –  can make all the difference between struggling to make progress and taking great strides forward.

At SurveyTown, we strive to give you the tools you need to create those perfect surveys and integrate them into the way you do business today so you can gather that feedback and act on it.

Please let us know how we can help.  Let information be your guide.   Welcome to SurveyTown.