NPS Best Practices – Why You Should Be Using NPS

NPS Best Practices - Why You Should Be Using NPS

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey can be a slam dunk for your business.

Why? The NPS tells you exactly how your customers feel about your business, your service, and your products overall. It lets you know if they will recommend you to their family and friends.

In this article, we dive more into why you should be using NPS and NPS best practices.

You Should Use the NPS Because…

You want to use this survey because your customers answer one very important question: “How likely is it that you will recommend our company to a friend, family member, or colleague?”

This is invaluable information for your company. Because the internet is the home of both positive and negative reviews, you want to be alert to how your customers feel about you.

The NPS score can help you pre-empt problems by knowing whether your company is creating loyal followers.

What’s more, studies show that businesses who use the NPS survey see improved revenue. Companies who send regular NPS surveys are better able to drive growth as they focus on improving their NPS score.

NPS Best Practices

You’ll find a few tips and tricks for getting the most responses from your NPS survey.

  1. Strategize your timing and frequency. Decide when you’ll send your surveys. For example, this might be after a purchase or after a download. Don’t send your survey too early, though. You want people to have a chance to live with their purchase for a while. In addition, you want to send this survey several times during the year because your customers’ opinions may grow and change over time.
  2. Do something with your data. Once you’ve collected your scores, your next step is to do something with it. This means sharing what you’ve found with your staff and coming up with a plan to either increase your score or maintain it.

To Conclude

Sending regular NPS surveys is good business.

It helps you monitor your customer loyalty and see where you might need to improve.

Ultimately, by using the NPS survey you can gauge your customers’ overall user experience with your products and your company which in turn accelerates your growth. (tweet this)

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Images: Jordan Whitfield on Unsplash

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