How To Promote a Survey on Social Media & Get the Best Results!

How To Promote a Survey on Social Media

Promoting a survey on the social media space shows that you value your audience’s opinions, providing them with an opportunity to share their thoughts. Social media surveys effectively engage the audience, drive traffic to your website, increase customer loyalty, and involve your customers in decision-making. Read on to learn how to promote a survey on social media effectively—discover the best platforms for promotion and a bunch of handy tips!

Social Media Channels To Promote Surveys

When it comes to promoting surveys, you can use several social media platforms:

  1. Facebook: the most popular social media platform;
  2. Twitter: a fast-paced network with to-the-point posts;
  3. LinkedIn: the most professional one and ideal for B2B surveys;
  4. Reddit: an online community with subreddits covering a bunch of different topics;
  5. Instagram: a popular visual platform great for promoting surveys with eye-catching graphics.

We’ll cover the top three options and explain how and why to incorporate them into your marketing strategy.


1. Facebook

With 2.96 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the most popular network and the largest online collection of socio-demographic information. You can either utilize its ad campaigns to reach a specific target group or post the survey invitation on your timeline.

Use Facebook in one of the following ways for the best survey promotion:

Helpful tip: Encourage the respondents to share the survey link. Ensure your questionnaire is optimized for mobile since many social media users only browse using their smartphones.

2. Twitter

After Facebook, the next most popular social media platform is Twitter, a micro-blogging platform with over 368 million monthly active users.

If you’d like to post short messages about your activities or latest events, it’s an ideal communication channel. It’s the so-called “SMS service of the Internet.” Most tweets can contain a maximum of 280 characters.

All you need to do is create a post on your profile along with the survey link in the ‘compose new tweet’ field and press the tweet button.

Helpful tip: Encourage respondents to retweet your study link so that you can reach even more people.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn, the social network for business people, has over 875 million registered users in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

It’s ideal for communicating and promoting professional services, products, engagement, and opinion exchange of people looking for professional development.

Create a short but engaging post and add your survey link. Explain what the survey is about and why it’s important before sharing it on your profile. Additionally, you can send it to particular individuals or groups and ask them to support you by sharing it.

Helpful tip: Use LinkedIn’s advertising platform to reach a larger audience.

Tips for Promoting Surveys on Social Media

Here are some helpful tips when promoting questionnaires on social media platforms:


Survey promotion allows marketers to improve their market presence and gather important data for their research study. By advertising through social media ads, you can reach a wider audience and gather more statistics

It can also help improve your marketing techniques by providing insights into what works best for attracting participants. Use the results of the surveys to understand your target audience better and try to meet all their needs.

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