3 Must-Ask Questions After A Customer Shopping Experience

3 Must Ask Questions After A Customer Shopping Experience

If you’re an online retailer, you know how difficult it can be to get customer feedback after they make a purchase.

Most of your feedback either comes from online chat, a limited amount of phone orders, and if customers have issues or need to return something.

But, how do you find out how satisfied your customers were if they purchased something from you online? You survey them. (tweet this)

In this article, we look at three must-ask questions after a customer shopping experience.

#1: Are you satisfied with the products in your order?

You want to know if your customers are satisfied with their purchase. You might ask them to rate their overall satisfaction with:

#2: Would you recommend us to others?

This gauges your customers’ overall satisfaction with your business.

If they answer yes to this question, consider offering them a coupon for themselves as well as a friend. This encourages loyalty and gets you in front of a new customer, too.

#3: Did the online shopping experience meet your needs in these areas?

Here you could offer a slew of questions about the ease of navigation, fast checkout process, shipping rates, and on-time delivery.

Let your customers provide you a yes or no answer, but also leave room for comments.

To Conclude

Once you’ve got your data from the customer shopping experience, it’s time to do something with it.

You want to first respond quickly if you get any negative comments.

You also want to let your respondents know what you’re doing with the data they gathered. Give them a rundown of your report and fill them in on the details.

Look for any trends in your data as well. You are specifically looking for consistent patterns that show you where you’re doing well, and where you might improve.

Finally, make sure staff is aware of your results and provide an action plan for working through the data to improve your service and your products.

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