3 Surprising Industries That Leverage Surveys All the Time

Surprising Industries That Leverage Surveys All the Time

Surveying your customers is one of the best ways to stay on top of what your customers really want and need.

Surveys help you assess how customers feel about your products and your services while learning what you’re doing right and where you can improve.

In this article, we look at three surprising industries that leverage surveys all the time in an effort to grow and enhance their businesses.

#1: Food Service

Many people are surprised that the food service industry takes advantage of surveys. Yet, you probably know that quality service is vital to the success of a restaurant. This is why surveys make sense for restaurants.

Restaurants need to quickly identify areas where they have problems, and they need to ensure that they are offering high quality customer service with each meal.

So, the food service industry relies on surveys to learn more from their customers about their dining experiences. Whether it’s a Net Promoter Score survey or a short survey with a few questions, restaurants can glean about about how they’re doing.

Restaurants can encourage diners to take their surveys by offering a small incentive such as a coupon or free dessert to encourage participation.

Another way restaurants leverage surveys is printing the survey information right on the receipt, so customers know where to go online to get the survey.

#2: Automobile Companies

The competition in the automotive industry today is fierce. In order to stay competitive, many car companies need to learn more about their customers’ experiences with their cars.

For example, Toyota can send surveys to their current car owners to learn more about how they feel about the cars they are driving. They can also ask what consumers would like to see in their next car.

With multiple car companies, dealers, and car models on the market today, integrating surveys into their overall marketing strategy has proved successful for automobile companies.

They can address any current problems and make plans for the future all from their survey data.

#3: Toy Companies

Another surprising industry using surveys is the toy industry.

For example, Lego includes instructions for a survey on the back of their building instructions in their Lego kits. They ask a few questions about users experience with the sets.

How do they get people to complete the surveys? They offer an incentive by picking a few winners each month. This encourages users to submit their feedback.

A toy company can leverage surveys in many ways. For example, Lego did a survey and from their data learned that less than 10% of their users were girls.

They then sent out more surveys to learn the playing habits of 3500 girls. The result? In 2012 they came out with a new line of toys called “Friends.” They changed their packaging to appeal to girls and included bigger figures that could accommodate accessories like hairbrushes and purses.

Without survey data, they would never have tapped into the female market.

Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve look at a few of the surprising industries using surveys, you are ready to leverage surveys of your own.

For businesses in today’s ultra-digital market, staying on the cutting ahead and ahead of the competition requires you to listen to your customers.

The single best way to do this is through surveys and the data you glean from them. Don’t sit on the sidelines when it comes to survey research. Technology today has made surveying your customers easier than ever before.

Surveys are a data-rich marketing strategy for your business and using them can help you grow, improve, and move forward with your company. (tweet this)

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Image: You X Ventures on Unsplash

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