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Sending Email Notifications for Completed Surveys

Get Notified by Email about a Negative Rating on a Survey | SurveyTown04:53Youtube video: Get Notified by Email about a Negative Rating on a Survey

Logic and Actions

With SurveyTown you can create surveys that can take certain actions based on answers to questions.  So for example, you can end a survey if a person is not in your target demographic, you can skip questions if they don’t apply to the respondent, or get notified when you get a survey question is answered in a certain way.

To highlight this functionality, take a look at this demo, in it we show you how you can create a survey with an action attached that will notify the survey creator when rating of less than 3 stars is received.

That way we may be able to take control a customer service issue and create a better experience for the customer.

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