White Label Survey Software

Collect survey responses on behalf of your customers.

Offer Your Clients a Powerful Questionnaire Tool / Application

Are you a private agency or market research organization with multiple consultants and clients for whom you are running surveys?  Or are you a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company that wants to integrate survey features into your software?

SurveyTown is complete white-label survey software that you can leverage to add a whole new revenue stream for your business while increasing customer lifetime revenue.

The features that we have will allow you to take a quick tour, complete the package and use the survey program functions to create a new product for the business.  These features include:

1. A Master Account to Create and Manage your Clients’ Accounts

When you signup as a white-label partner, you will be given access to a professional master account where you can create new survey accounts branded to your business for your clients to use.  You can also use the interface to quickly switch between your client’s accounts when managing them.

2. Application Re-branding

The application can be re-branded to match your company or product brand.  The re-branding includes:

  • Changing the Logo inside the application.
  • Customizing the colors and style choices using CSS.
  • Customize the “Powered By” message that appears at the bottom of surveys.
3. Customized Domain

Customize the login URL and the survey response URL to show a domain of your choice.

4. Customers can Login, Create, and Administer their own Surveys

Once you white-label our surveys, you can give your customers the ability to log in, and create and manage their own surveys and reports.  By giving your customers self-service access to surveys, you can reduce the use of consulting resources and increase customer satisfaction.

5. API for Managing Surveys and Retrieving Responses  (if you need it)

Integrate SurveyTown functionality into another product via our API.  For example, you can download responses via our API or be alerted to them through our Webhooks.

6. API to Create New Customer Accounts

Automate the provisioning of new survey accounts via our Admin API.  For example, you can create new survey accounts and create and access API keys.

CASE STUDY: Ostler Group

See our case study of survey white-labeling with the Ostler Group, which runs surveys for their client, a franchisee of a major Oil and Lube changing service.


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