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4 Ways SaaS Companies Can Integrate Survey Features into Existing Software

As a Software as a Service (SaaS company), you may want to integrate survey features into your existing software. You’ll find there are several reasons to do this, and we’re going to look at several ways in this article.

Why would a SaaS company want to integrate? It simply makes you more marketable.

You provide software to businesses, so it makes sense that you would want to integrate other capabilities into your SaaS offerings. This makes your offering more enticing to customers.

Here are four ways SaaS companies can integrate survey features into existing software.

#1: Integrate with a Proven Partner

When looking for a survey partner, look for someone with a proven track record like Survey Town. This means you’ll have a solid partner to integrate with.

Our survey products provide valuable features to your customers. When you partner with us, you can scale your own product faster. You have more to offer your customers, and we do the heavy lifting while you generate more revenue.

#2: Don’t Try to Do It All

One of the best things to know when integrating survey features into existing software is you don’t have to do or be it all. We are here are your trusted partner to integrate into your existing platform.

Our specialized product means you don’t have to recreate the wheel. The key to your success is integrations that make sense for you and your customers. (tweet this) By integrating and not trying to do it all, you have time to focus on your own strengths while our API does the work integrating with your existing software.

#3: Use an API for New Accounts

With our survey software, you can also create an API to create new customer accounts. This allows you to automate the provisioning of new survey accounts.

Our API makes integration easy and lets you incorporate our survey features right into your SaaS software.

#4: Use an API for Managing Surveys

In addition, you have access to an API for managing surveys and pulling the data and respondent answers.

Now that we’ve looked at some ways you can integrate survey features into existing software, let’s look more at why you might want to.

You Save Time and Resources

Let’s say you wanted to add survey software on your own. You’d have to build the solution in-house. This costs you time and money.

On the flip side, you can integrate with our survey software, and you save time and money because it already exists.

You can spend your time focusing on building your business and increasing your customer base by integrating our survey features.

This integration keeps your focus on what you do best and adds in our expertise to help attract and retain customers.

You Don’t Worry About Maintenance

The software is all in the cloud, and customers can access it from an internet connection anywhere. There is no on-site maintenance for you to worry about. And there’s no cloud-based maintenance either.

We maintain the software, and we update it. You don’t have to worry about any improvements or trouble shooting as we do it all for you.

It’s Easy to Stay on Top

When SaaS companies like yours integrate our survey features with existing software, they are free to build on their own software solutions.

You don’t have to improve our product. We do. What’s more, you have a leg up on your competition because you have more to offer.

We invest all of our time and resources into creating and maintaining effective survey software. This helps you stay on top because you don’t have to worry about developing survey software or scaling our product.

Our Features Scale with You

Another thing to think about when it comes to integration is how applications are connected with one another. We already mentioned connecting to our platform with our API.

We make it easy to move with you. You can use our software to integrate into your SaaS software, and we scale the product for you.

We are here to work with our SaaS customers, and help grow both businesses, yours, and ours.

You Increase Customer Attraction and Retention

By integrating survey features into your software, you immediately become more marketable.

You have more to offer your customers. Surveys are a part of everyday business and can be marketed easily. Surveys are one of the best ways to improve customer service and grow a business.

When you integrate survey features, you provide a powerful customer attraction and retention tool to customers. The added feature draws in new customers while at the same time retaining your current ones.

You Become a Leader

Another reason to expand your integration capabilities is to set your SaaS company apart from the competition.

By integrating multiple products together, you create your own environment and offerings to your customers.

With your own network, you become an instant leader. This generates more business for you. You are providing clients an exceptional product and setting yourself up as a leader in the Cloud.

Final Thoughts

SaaS or Software as a Service is often known as software on demand. It allows you to provide services on a shared infrastructure through the Cloud.

Customers don’t have to purchase software and install it locally. They can simply use it in the Cloud through the internet.

Your SaaS company is skilled at delivering software that can be managed remotely by customers. So, it stands to reason you would want to integrate survey features into your existing software.

It’s good for your company, and it’s good for your customers. Your customers will appreciate the additional capabilities with survey software. As part of your SaaS services, they get an extra benefit. This in turn drives more business your way.

Software as a service is, as you know, here to stay. It’s time to up the ante and integrate survey features into your existing software.

Surveys can help you give your clients what they need. Are you ready to get started with your Survey Town white label reseller account? Start with your account today.

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