How To Manage Admin Roles For Company Surveys

Survey Tips

Did you know you can manage admin roles for your company surveys?

It’s quite similar to how you’d manage admin roles in WordPress, Google Analytics or another online program.

You can give different people in your organization special roles on certain surveys.

Why is this good?

By assigning different roles, you allow everyone to work together in your account, while keeping the overall management to yourself.

This helps in the information gathering and decision making processes. It also allows your team access to the pieces of your survey that pertain to them.

For example, your writers can add and edit questions, while your analysts can do the analysis while monitoring the results.

Or, if you are an agency, you can easily manage all of your accounts. This allows multi-user accounts the ability to collaborate together on their surveys.

Let’s look at how to manage admin roles in Survey Town.

Manage Admin Roles

  1. At the top of your account, click Settings.
  2. Then, click on Users.
  3. In the top right hand side, click on Create User.
  4. In the box, add your employee’s user name.
  5. Enter a password for them.
  6. If you want them to have permission for everything, you can click the box in the upper right hand side that says +Give All Permissions.
  7. If not, choose the permissions you want to allow. You have a wide choice with regarding to giving permissions.
  8. Under Surveys, you can choose to give permission for any of the following:
    • Create/Edit Surveys
    • Create/Edit Event Registrations
    • Start/Stop Surveys
    • Create/Edit Survey Templates
    • View Survey Reports
  9. Under Settings, you can choose to give permission for any of the following:
    • Edit General Settings
    • Edit Account Settings
    • Change Username/Password
    • Create/Edit Users
    • Create/Edit External Fields
  10. Under Tags, you can choose to give permission for any of the following:
    • Create/Edit Tags
    • Add/Remove Tags

In addition, you can choose whether or not to give someone permission to view all of your surveys and/or manage all of your surveys.

At any time, you can modify or change survey permissions for each individual user.

Survey Permissions

Let’s look at the permissions you might give members of your team pertaining specifically to your surveys.

Perhaps you’d like another team member to be able to manage an entire survey. If so, you’d give them permission for the entire Survey block.

Then, if you have another staff member who handles event registrations, perhaps you’d only give them access to this category.

You might give your designer the ability to create and edit your survey templates.

While giving your employees access to certain parts of your survey, you can ensure that everyone is part of the process, yet no one has complete access.

How Many Users?

Now that you know the roles available, you might be wondering how many users you can have in your Survey Town account.

With the Basic, Standard and Professional accounts, you can have one user. With the Enterprise account, you can have more than one user and multiple roles and permissions.

Why choose the Enterprise account? First, you can send an unlimited number of surveys with an unlimited number of questions. Second, you can collaborate on your surveys.

Finally, you also have access to integrations, report filters, API access and more.

The Take-Away

Sending surveys is good for your business. You can gain insight from your customers by asking the important questions that matter.

With Survey Town, you can choose from different question types to craft the perfect survey.

When it comes to developing your survey, it helps to have more than one person involved in its design and creation. (tweet this) This is where admin roles come into play.

By assigning different team members different roles for your company surveys, you enable group collaboration. This helps ensure you send out the best possible survey to your customers.

Often it takes a group of dedicated employees to design the perfect survey to get the results you need to improve your business or your products and services.

Surveys help you make the best decisions for your business. Are you ready to get started with your free Survey Town trial? Start with your free account today, and you can upgrade at any time.

Image: Thomas Lefebvre