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White-labeling surveys vs White-label reselling surveys

The term “white-label” (or “private label”) is used often to describe the ability to re-brand a product.  But all flavors of white-labeling are not the same and there is a difference between white-labeling and white-label reselling.   This article explains the difference between white-labeling and white-label reselling a survey product like SurveyTown.

White-labeling a survey builder usually means you have the ability to:

  • Use a generic URL to host the survey – So instead of hosting a survey which has a brandname in it like, for example, the URL will have a generic domain. Ours is “”. 
  • Remove any product branding on the survey itself and define non-branded success pages
  • Have the ability to add multiple users to one account

White-labeling is generally a service for any organization, especially a larger one, who might not want a customer taking a survey to know that it is hosted at a third party provider.  They may also have multiple people in their organization who are running surveys and want to give access to different users to see results.

White-label reselling is quite different in that it includes the features that allow you to brand and resell a product as your own.  In addition to the above, white-label reselling features include the ability to: 

  • Skin the application to show a different brand name – This means replacing the  logo and colors inside the application with your own so that it looks like a customized product.
  • Create and control new accounts – Generally called sub-accounts, each new sub-account can have one or more users.
  • Hide the billing page and redirect users of the application to a reseller’s website
  • Customize the powered-by images and landing pages to show your custom brand.  
  • Change the URL of where surveys are hosted to a branded URL – for example
  • Customize the login URL

In addition, the reseller themselves can control their own sub-account’s ability to: 

  • Show a generic URL instead of the reseller branded URL
  • Remove any product branding on the survey itself and define non-branded success pages (it’s the Reseller brand that is being hidden in this case)
  • Ability to add multiple users to their sub-account

The customers who choose white-label reselling are generally people who want to offer the survey product as a product of their own.  Here are two examples.

  • Product Developers – Companies that integrate surveys into another software or service usually for a specific target niche or software and sell the product as their own.
  • Agencies – Companies who may be running surveys on behalf of several other businesses.

Marketing Language

The breakdown of the difference between white-labeling and white-label reselling is important because when getting quotes is important to distinguish.  Basically, if a company says they do white-labeling they may or may not include the ability to do white-label reselling.  


SurveyTown includes the ability to white-label and to white-label resell.  This means in addition to removing branding in any particular account, you can also rebrand the entire app so that your customers can login to their own separate accounts which you control through a master account.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss which options work best for your company, please reach out to us and we will get back to you right away –