Thinking About White Label Reselling? 3 Steps to Get Started


For many agencies or market research organizations, white label reselling can be the way to go. It’s especially helpful if you want to integrate survey features into what you offer your customers.

With white label reselling, you can brand and package our survey software to create a new product for your agency or business.

If you’re thinking about white label reselling, check out these three tips to get started.

#1: Find the Right Company

When you are looking to rebrand someone else’s software, you want to make sure to find a company you can trust.

A good relationship with them ensures your white labeling success.

#2: Test the Product

Before you start offering your new service, make sure you test it. You want to make sure it works before you start your marketing.

You also want to make sure you are well-versed in how it works so you can help your customer base.

#3: Promote Your New Software

The next thing you need to do is reach out to your current customers and let them know about your new offering.

Put it on your website and social media channels. Highlight it in your email marketing.

Final Thoughts

The benefits of white label reselling are many. First, you have access to excellent survey software to offer your customers.

In addition, you have the opportunity to create a new revenue stream. You may want to offer surveys to your customers, but you don’t want to create software on your own. Luckily, there’s no reason to because you can white label our survey software.

Next, you can build brand loyalty by offering your customers a complete package. This in turn increases your client retention.

Finally, you have the edge over your competition because you have something to offer customers that they don’t.

By taking these three tips about white label reselling and offering customers a complete package, you can reach more customers and increase loyalty with the ones you already have. (tweet this)

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How to Let Employees Know About a Bad NPS Score


You did your due diligence and sent out your Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey to your customers. You got results back and looked at the data.

It isn’t what you expected.

Your survey came back with a negative NPS score. In this article, we look at how to let employees know about a bad NPS score so you can move forward as a team.

Communicate with Your Staff

The first thing to do is talk with your team. Share the results and go over how they were tabulated.

You don’t want to hide survey results from your employees because the results are embarrassing. And you don’t want to sugarcoat the results either, because your team is accountable for the results.

Communicate that you all have things to work on, and then get to work on a plan to change things.

Brainstorm Solutions

Now that your employees have the facts, it’s time to brainstorm some solutions and create a plan to turn your detractors into attractors.

Consider creating small teams to work on the various areas you are going to focus on. Let them come back to the larger group with an array of ideas.

Then, you can start to narrow your focus and come up with at least three things to work on.

Set Goals

Now that you have a plan for turning things around, set some goals and decide how and when you’ll measure them.

Make sure that your entire team buys into these goals, or you’ll have a hard time meeting them.


Work on your plan continually once you’ve established your goals.

By evaluating it, you can see if you need to make any adjustments to the plan.

After a specified time, conduct another NPS survey to see if your results go up.

To Conclude

You want to work on your NPS score on an ongoing basis. Train your team better, engage them with customer service training, and create a positive employee culture. (tweet this)

By working together with leadership and your team, you can put your plan into action and reach your goals of increasing your NPS score.

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