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3 Net Promoter Score Questions To Ask

When you use Net Promoter Score questions in your survey, you start the process of identifying loyal customers.

You start to recognize and distinguish your brand ambassadors. These are the people who will help lead new customers straight to your door.

With Net Promoter Score (NPS), you can quantitatively measure and then encourage customer loyalty.

To help you, we look at three Net Promoter Score questions to ask in your next survey.

#1: The Standard Net Promoter Score Question

In your initial Net Promoter Score survey, you don’t want to ask numerous questions. Keep it very short and to the point with the formulaic question customers are growing used to seeing.

The standard Net Promoter Score question looks like this:

Based on your experience, how likely is it that you would recommend our (product, brand or service) to your friends, family or colleagues?

Your scale should range from 0=not at all likely to 10=extremely likely.

With this NPS question, you’ll be able to do your Net Promoter Score calculation.

#2: The Reason Why Question

Your next question is really a follow up to the Net Promoter Score question. In addition to the main NPS question, you should invite respondents to let you know why they feel the way they do.

Provide a text area where your customers can actually write out their comments. You’ll find that you may receive glowing reviews or some negative comments here.

The “reason why” question should look like this:

Why did you provide this rating? or What is the reason behind your rating?

#3: The Follow Up Question

With this last question in your Net Promoter Score survey, you want to know what you can do better.

This is where you find out what your customers really think and how they perceive your shortcomings. The responses to this question in your NPS survey will help you determine which areas of your products and services need improvement and which ones are meeting or exceeding expectations.

For this question, craft something like this:

What is one thing we could do differently to increase the value of our (product or services) to you?

With this question, you leave it wide open for your respondents to offer their suggestions and hopefully, constructive criticism and comments. As we mentioned earlier, keep your survey to no more than three questions to encourage more responses.

You might even find you can eliminate either question #2 or question #3 or re-word them to encourage the kind of comments you are looking for, especially if your dropout rates are too high.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the right questions to ask to get your NPS and additional feedback, you’re well on your way to using the Net Promoter Score to gauge customer loyalty.

You can use your Net Promoter Score to:

  • Segment your customers by their loyalty to you
  • Identify those customers who are unhappy and unwilling to refer you
  • Discover what drives your customer loyalty and how you can improve upon it
  • Benchmark your results against those in your industry

Finally, remember that according to NPS best practices, the power of the Net Promoter Score comes in what you do after the survey and after you have your score. Don’t miss this critical part. How you respond to your customers after you receive their feedback is integral to the entire process.

Your follow up may mean the difference between increased customer loyalty or an at-risk customer that walks away. Follow up is key to your success, and it’s what helps you encourage and gain long-term loyalty.

You earn your customers’ loyalty by creating relationships with them. Using the Net Promoter Score survey, you can start creating valuable and genuine relationships with your customers by showing them that you value their feedback and that you are willing to take action on it.

Your Net Promoter Score survey allows you to start a new conversation with your customers—one where they feel valued and important to your business.

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