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3 Survey Management Tools Enterprise & Resale Partners Didn’t Know They Needed

Whether you’re thinking about our enterprise solution (for franchises, non-profits, and universities), or you’re contemplating opening a reseller account for your agency, our survey management tools are top notch.

In this article, we look at three survey management tools enterprise and resale partners didn’t know they needed.

#1: One Master Account

One of the best perks you didn’t know you needed is one master account. This allows you to create and manage all of your client’s accounts from one place. (tweet this)

As an enterprise or white-label partner, you get your own master account. From here, you create new survey accounts that are only branded for your business. This is what your clients then use.

We make it simple for you as you can use our software interface to quickly switch between the accounts under your control.

Management of multiple accounts couldn’t be easier.

#2: Consolidated Billing

With this option for both enterprise and reseller accounts, you have access to consolidated billing.

For example, if you own an agency or you have an enterprise account, you can pay for all your accounts on one bill while billing your clients each separately. You take complete control over your account management and billing.

Consolidated billing allows you to use our software as your own and bill what you choose.

#3: One Platform for All Accounts

Another tool you didn’t know you needed is an enterprise-wide platform.

With Survey Town, whether you have an enterprise or a reseller account, you can view all of your accounts under one roof. You have access to all the accounts you control.

You can login as your customer, and you can even schedule notices that appear inside the Survey Town application.

This gives you complete branding control to run our software how you choose with your clients and customers.

Final Thoughts

You’ve seen the three survey management tools enterprise and resale partners didn’t know they needed.

Now it’s time to contact us to learn more about how you can use our survey management tools for your added success.

Surveys help you make the best decisions for your business. Are you ready to get started with your free Survey Town trial? Start with your free account today, and you can upgrade at any time.

Image: Scott Graham on Unsplash