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Survey Tips

How Can You Avoid Errors in Your Data Collection in Surveys?

The process of preventing data collection mistakes starts before conducting a survey. Check out our top tips on avoiding errors in your data collection in surveys.

  • Understand and find your target population. Even when you use the best data collection tool, you’ll skew your research if you don’t choose the right respondents.
  • Design and carefully order your questions, which must be easy to understand. Steer clear from double-barreled questions, and be sure to provide a “don’t know/not applicable” answer when suitable.
  • Avoid complex language and technical terms or acronyms if possible. When using them, provide a definition, explanation, or examples.
  • Reach out to your audience through different communication channels, such as email. If you’re conducting phone interviews, agree on a meeting time in advance to avoid a low response rate.
  • Double-check all the work before launching the survey and during data collection. For instance, proofread the questions, double verify scheduling invitations or reminders, check the respondent database list, etc.
  • Invest in your interviewing/measuring techniques, and make sure all data researchers understand all the factors and features.
  • Use helpful software tools that will take care of your data collection and visualization. For instance, SurveyTown will help you create/conduct your survey, collect all responses, and create beautiful graphs and charts.

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