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Survey Tips

How Do You Collect Data From Surveys?

Depending on their preferences and type of research, interviewers choose one of the following ways to collect survey data:

  • Online questionnaires are the least expensive, most wide-reaching, and, therefore, a very popular data collection method. You can create one using SurveyTown in no time. Click here to learn how to ensure the validity of your survey data.
  • Telephone interviews are not as popular as they used to be since people have become quite skeptical about sharing personal information over the phone. However, they allow interviewers to clarify their questions and respondents to explain their answers.
  • In-person interviews are usually more expensive than other data collection methods, but they allow interviewers to gain respondents’ trust, detect their emotions, and get honest and elaborate answers. These are perfect for those who want the most personal approach.
  • Mailed questionnaires are less personal and usually less effective since people tend to discard them with junk mail. Also, they don’t allow either party to clarify information. On the other hand, mailed surveys give respondents time to think and use additional resources to provide detailed and precise answers.

Tip: If you’re wondering if a survey is the best way to collect data, check out its pros and cons before you decide.