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Survey Tips

How Could You Ensure the Validity of Data Collected From Surveys?

Here’s what you need to do to ensure the validity of data collected from surveys:

  • Choose a suitable data collection method that will help you reach your goal. For instance, online surveys are more cost-effective and more wide-reaching than phone interviews.
  • Make sure you’ve clearly defined your goals and objectives. Your respondents must be aware of your intentions in order to provide precise and accurate answers.
  • Pay attention to your questions’ wording, structure, order, and visual layout. All respondents need to fully understand all the questions to ensure the validity of their answers.
  • Create screening questions to disqualify the respondents who don’t meet the requirements for your target audience. It’s highly recommended if the research is aimed at a specific group of people with identifiable characteristics.
  • Do pilot testing to examine the validity of your questions and identify potential problems before conducting the survey. 

After you take care of all these steps, use SurveyTown to create a perfect survey and get all the responses in beautiful graphs and reports.