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White Labeling Basics 10 Tips to Truly Partner for Reselling Success

White labeling survey software lets you rebrand and resell products and services produced by another company. With white labeling, you can sell another company’s product as your own.

In this article, we look at white labeling basics and provide you with five tips to truly partner for reselling success.

#1: Know Why You Want to White Label

Before you start searching for companies to work with, first ask yourself why you want to relabel someone else’s products.

To help you, here is a list of common reasons businesses want to relabel another’s products and services.

  1. There are many good reasons to use white label reselling. They are because you want to attract new customers, you want to keep the ones you have and increase customer retention, and you want to offer a broader scope of products and services. For example, you may be an email marketer or website designer, but you want to offer survey software to your customers.
  2. You want to grow and enhance your brand. This goes along with being a more full-service company. By white labeling products and services, you have more to offer customers, which in turn enhances your brand. You gain your customers’ trust and loyalty because you have a full line up to offer.
  3. You want to attract bigger companies by being a full-service agency. When you can offer more products and services to potential customers, you’ll have better luck attracting the bigger fish. They nearly always want to consolidate all their digital offerings together, so if you can incorporate more software into what you offer, the better luck you’ll have gaining the bigger customers.
  4. Creating new software products and services isn’t what you do. You may want to offer them, but you don’t want to develop them. White labeling helps you do just that.

#2: Choose Your Partner Wisely

The most important thing you can do is pick the right reseller. You want to make sure that their product or service is top notch. Why? Because your reputation matters, so the products you resell need to match your brand excellence.

The company you choose to white label represents you, so you want to do your research before signing them on.

Here are some tips for picking the right partner:

  1. Take a look at their goals and company mission/vision. Does their product or service align with your business goals?
  2. Pick a solid product or service that is right for your customers. This means knowing what your customers want and providing it to them.
  3. Make sure they have good online reviews. Don’t waste your time with companies with a bad reputation. Their track record really matters to you. The last thing you want is bad reviews because their software or product is subpar.
  4. Choose a company that lets you take their software for a spin. You want to make sure that you like how it works. If you don’t, you can bet your customers won’t either.
  5. In addition, take a look at their reporting options. Do they work for you? If so, they’ll work for your customers, too.
  6. Check your contract terms and make sure they are acceptable.

#3: Don’t Sacrifice Quality

When it comes to pricing, you don’t want to sacrifice quality. Many of your customers will pay a little bit more for a product that is worthwhile and trustworthy.

Many companies worry too much about cheap prices. Your product needs to be as good as possible because again your reputation is on the line.

Don’t ever put price in front of quality, especially if you offer a quality product line to your customers.

#4: Watch Your Pricing

Next, you want to make sure your turn around pricing will be acceptable for your customers.

You’ll find there’s a fine line between offering products and services that are priced too low and those that are priced too high.

Go too high, and no one will buy them from you. Go too low, and your customers won’t sign on because they won’t feel like they’re quality offerings.

You want to highlight the quality of your products while offering them at a reasonable price.

#5: Market Your New Product/Service

The final tip for partnering for reselling success includes promoting your new products and services to current and potential customers.

You want to feature your new white label in all of your internal and external marketing. This includes using your email marketing to highlight the products and services.

Consider setting up email automations for customers interested in your white labeled products/services. This way you can slowly introduce the new item and encourage customers to sign on with you.

You also want to highlight your offering on your website and in your social media accounts.

Consider offering your customers a free trial so they can get hooked on your white labeled product or service.

Tell your customers why they should go with your line up of offerings. Explain why your product is the best.

For example, if you’re going to offer our surveys, you want to fully understand why they are the perfect solution for your customers. Make sure you’re fully versed in our survey software so you can communicate its benefits. This means taking a deep dive into our software so you can market it to customers.

Final Thoughts

White label products and services are created by another company. You rebrand them and resell them to your customers. Doing this helps you expand your business, scale quickly, increase sales, gain new customers, and keep your current ones.

White labeling allows you to focus on what you do best and use someone else’s products to complement your full offering. You get a great product that is outside your area of expertise. And you get to concentrate your resources on what you’re best at. (tweet this)

Now that you have our white labeling basics tips in hand, you are ready to truly partner for reselling success.

By adding value to your offerings, your customers can stick with your company without leaving for the competition. It’s a win-win for you and for your customers.

White labeling surveys help you grow your business. Are you ready to get started with your free Survey Town trial? Start with your free account today, and you can upgrade at any time.

Image: Cytonn Photography on Unsplash