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3 Questions to Drastically Improve Your Restaurant Quickly

How do you know how your diners feel about your restaurant? You ask them.

In order to improve your restaurant’s service, food, and processes, you need to know what your customers think. It’s not enough to just know what you and your staff think.

The best way to collect feedback from your customers is through a survey. In this article, we look at five questions to drastically improve your restaurant quickly.

#1: How Often Do You Dine with Us?

This is a simple question, and it gives you an idea about who is filling out your survey. You’ll learn whether it’s a first time diner, someone who comes on occasion, or a loyal customer.

#2: What Did You Like Best About Our Food?

This open-ended question lets you learn what customers liked best about your menu, so you know what to keep on the menu.

#3: What Did You Like Least About Our Food?

Like the question above, this one lets you know what parts of your menu should be changed or revised.

#4: How Likely are You to Recommend us to Friends and Family?

This is a big one. It’s called your Net Promoter Score, and it tells you just how loyal your customer is.

Most important, it lets you know whether the customer will be your brand ambassador or a detractor.

#5: How Well Did Our Staff Meet Your Needs

This is a ratings question and gives you an idea of the level of customer service your guests received.

Assuming you have trained your team well, this question should result in higher satisfaction scores. If you don’t receive high marks with this question, you’ll want to put a strong customer service training program in place.

Customer service is often a gauge of how often or even if customers will return to your restaurant.

Final Thoughts

Take these questions and use them in your next survey to drastically improve your restaurant quickly.

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Image: Chris Liverani on Unsplash