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3 Tips for Executing a Flawless Email Survey Campaign

Email marketing is here to stay.

Nearly all of your customers use email. In fact, they gave you their email address so you could contact them.

They’ve invited you into their email box, and it’s up to you to use it. We encourage you to harness the power of email marketing for your surveys.

In this article, we look at three tips for executing a flawless email survey campaign.

#1: Send a “Pre” Invitation

To get better survey results, send your customers an email before you email them the survey.

Use this chance to let your customers know the survey is coming. This is the first invitation to complete it.

In this initial email, tell them what you’re going to do with the feedback. Explain to them why you need their information. Let them know that their feedback is beneficial to you, and that you’re going to use their responses to make your products and services better.

You also can tell them in the pre-invitation how long the survey will take to complete.

Many businesses find that by sending this initial email it increases email open rates and survey completion rates.

This is your “second” ask and by giving your customers an invitation, they will be looking for your survey and more ready to complete it.

#2: Create a Creative Announcement

Now it’s time to craft the email that includes your survey link. This is the short amount of text you use to persuade your customers to actually click on the link and take your survey.

A few rules of thumb to get the most opens on your survey email include the following:

  • Personalize your email. You can personalize the subject line of your email and in the body of the email. Your email service provider allows you to personalize your emails, and this will get you more opens.
  • Use very short, descriptive text. Break it up into short paragraphs of no more than two sentences.
  • Tell your respondents very quickly why they should complete the survey and what they will get for doing it.
  • Tell customers how long the survey will take.
  • Thank them for participating. You really want to recognize they are taking their own time to complete your survey.

#3: Send a Reminder

You’ve sent the pre-invitation, and you’ve sent the survey.

After no more than one week’s time and at least three days after the survey email, you can send reminders to your customers.

Be careful and don’t send reminders to people who’ve already completed it. You should be able to do this through your email service provider.

Many respondents will need this third reminder especially if they’re busy. They also might not have seen your survey email, so this is a gentle reminder.

Final Thoughts

Using email marketing to execute a flawless email survey campaign is a great way to get more responses from your respondents. (tweet this)

You’ve been invited into your customer’s inboxes, and they expect your emails.

You’ll find they are also willing to finish your survey.

Finally, don’t forget to send a thank you to all of your customers who completed your survey.

If you’re giving them something for finishing your survey, this email might serve as the link to their bonus or gift. Or you might use this email to tell them how to get their gift for finishing your survey.

Begin and end this email with a thank you. This is the last email reference to your survey. If you ever want to send your customers another survey, you want to over thank them, so they feel valued for helping you.

Surveys can help you get valuable customer feedback. You can then use this feedback to improve your business. Are you ready to get started with your Survey Town account? Start with your account today.

Image: Melinda Gimpel on Unsplash