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Is Using QR Code to Take Surveys Effective

Are QR codes still relevant? Can you still leverage them for your restaurant surveys?

In this article, we look at QR codes for your restaurant surveys and answer the question, “Is using QR code to take surveys effective?”

History of the QR Code

Several years ago, the QR code took the marketing world by storm. They’ve been used in numerous ways, including surveys.

QR codes have the ability to increase your survey responses by getting your survey in front of more people in unique ways. They can play a vital role in your survey marketing.

Because of their continued viability, they are still in use today and quite viable. Some of the biggest brands in the world are using them to their advantage, and here is how you can, too.

Using QR Codes in Your Restaurant

You’d like to know what your restaurant patrons think of your service, your menu, and your overall restaurant. For some of them, you can send an email with a link to your survey.

But what if you don’t have their email? The best way is to catch them while they’re still in your restaurant. Doing this means your menu and customer service are fresh in their minds.

You can use QR codes in your restaurant by placing them on your table tents. Then, your diners can simply hover over the code with their phone and immediately be directed to your survey.

Keep the survey short, asking only the most pertinent questions, so your diners can enjoy your meal.

You’ll notice your response rates increasing because you’ve provided yet another way for diners to complete your survey. In addition, your data is quite valuable because it’s as fresh as it could possibly be.

iPhoneX Support for QR Codes

The tech giant, Apple, still finds QR codes vital for today’s businesses and consumer relationships.

When they released the new iOS 11 camera app, they released a native QR code reader with it.

What does this mean for your patrons? It means they can scan and interact with QR codes without having to download a separate app. They simply have to point their camera at the code, and the survey opens automatically in the web browser, Safari.

In addition, if users have Google Chrome installed on an iPhone, they just need to long-press the app icon, and a menu pops up with an option to scan QR codes. Once selected, users point the camera at the code, and off they go to your survey.

With nearly 45% of smartphone users using Apple iPhones, this means QR codes are getting their just rewards. Apple has decided and by default, it’s customers have decided, that QR codes are vital and worthwhile into the future.

Android Support for QR Codes

On an Android phone, users can simply use the Google Assistant to scan QR codes. They simply need to summon the assistant, tap updates from the bottom bar, and then tap the Google Lens icon.

The camera will automatically detect it, and a colorful dot appears over the code. Users then tap on it to reveal the link.

As an additional feature, users can save the code for later by taking a picture of it. When they open Google Photos later, they can tap on the Google Len icon, scan the image, and the code takes them to the survey.

Final Thoughts

You can see that there is full mobile support for QR codes, making using it for your surveys quite effective.

Do remember to include a bit of context on your table tent letting diners know why you want their opinion. It could be something to do with your food menu, your service, or perhaps you want to know their thoughts on a potential new menu item.

Whatever the reason for surveying, explain it briefly on the table tent, use a large QR code, and thank them for taking your survey. Keep the survey itself succinct and short to discourage survey dropout. (tweet this)

Follow the best practices for surveys, utilize the QR code, and you’ll reach more mobile survey takers, increasing your data for the best results.

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Images: Mitya Ivanov on Unsplash