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3 Strategies for Writing Your Survey Questions to Maximize Responses

The best surveys are the ones that people respond to. And, they respond to surveys with the easiest, clearest survey questions.

Because customer feedback is vital to your success, you want to spend some time creating the perfect survey. It’s best to decide what information you want to learn about and know what you’ll do with that information before you start crafting your survey. (tweet this)

In this article, we look at three strategies for writing your survey questions to maximize responses.

#1: Be Specific

Oftentimes surveyors ask non-specific questions in the hopes of getting broader answers. This is not a good survey practice.

You want to write questions that are straightforward and easy to understand.

For example, if you own a hot tub store, you don’t want to ask, “Do you like your hot tub?”

You want to be very specific, and you might craft a question something like this, “What do you like about your hot tub?” You can then offer a drop down with check boxes that include things like:

  • I sleep better.
  • It cures my aches and pains.
  • I like spending time with my spouse.
  • It’s a great place to hang out with my kids.
  • The massage is wonderful.
  • It’s fun to be outside.

When you give people choices you can then use the survey to market more effectively. For example, if most of your respondents checked the box that says, “I sleep better,” you know that’s a good selling point.

#2: Don’t Ask Double Barreled Questions

Never ask two questions at one time. There should always only be one question asked.

Otherwise, your data is skewed.

#3: Avoid Biased Questions

You don’t want to lead your respondents to a certain answer. For example,  don’t ask your customers how much they like your product or service.

They may in fact not like it at all, but you’ve just led them to an answer, and your data will not be accurate.

Final Thoughts

Take these three strategies with you as you create your surveys with maximizing responses in mind.

Your data is only as good as your survey, so do be sure to test it before sending.

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Image: Trent Szmolnik on Unsplash