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6 Fun Survey Questions That Make Customers Feel Important

Did you know surveys don’t have to be boring?

In fact, unless you’re surveying respondents about a heavy subject, you can create surveys that provide you with valuable, actionable data, and are enjoyable to your respondents.

Because your want data that actually helps your business, and your survey is only useful if people fill it out, take some time to create a fun survey.

When you create a survey that’s enjoyable to fill out, you’ll get more responses, and you’ll show your customers you really care about their time.

Because you want to create the perfect survey that actually entices respondents to complete it, we’ve got some tips for you. Here are 10 fun survey questions that make customers feel important.

#1: Offer Respondents a Prize

You may have found that your survey respondents often open your survey, only to bail out shortly after beginning.

It’s very hard to get your respondents all the way to the end.

One way you can get respondents all the way to your submit button and provide some fun along the way is with the promise of a prize at the end.

Your customers only get this prize if they complete your survey, so this is a great way to prevent survey fatigue.

What can you offer for prizes? Consider a percentage off their next purchase, free shipping, a gift with purchase, or an entry into a drawing for a big-ticket item like an iPad or something free from your company.

The goal here is to provide fun, an incentive, and something that shows your respondents you truly care about their time by providing a financial incentive to get them through your survey.

#2: Spice Up Your Survey

Sure, you need your data, but there’s no reason you can’t add some fun questions during the survey.

Break up the serious questions with some that your customers aren’t expecting. They’ll get a laugh, and you’ll encourage them to keep going to see what else you have in store.

The key to making this work is to use a 4:1 ratio. This means including four regular questions for every one humorous questions. This way you won’t take away from the validity of your survey.

Plus, fun surveys just seem quicker to finish.

When you interrupt your survey flow with a surprisingly silly question or two, you grab your respondents’ attention, show you have a sense of humor, and let them know they are important.

You show them that you know it’s not the most fun to complete a survey, but you’re going to lighten the tone for them.

Consider funny questions like, “What superpower would you like for one day?” or “What’s the most unique thing you’ve ever done with our product (choose one)?”

Finally, do be creative and make sure your funny questions relate in some way to the questions you need to answer. In other words, don’t go so far outside what you need to ask that it seems silly or unprofessional.

#3: Use Humor in Your Questions

Humor has a great effect on survey respondents.

Comedians have known for years that the best way to win over an audience is through humor. You can use this same tactic in your surveys to make your customers feel important and valued.

Start by not taking your survey too seriously. (Caution – this should only be done if your survey warrants it.)

You can include a few jokes, or you can simply use humor as you craft your questions. This makes your survey more interesting and may help you see a better response.

#4: Use Quizzes

If you spend any time at all on social media, you know that quizzes are very popular. People jump to take quizzes for all sorts of reasons.

For some surveyors, using a quiz works better for them and sees better open rates and follow through rates.

When you use a quiz instead of traditional survey, you’ll often find it’s easier to insert a little bit of fun and humor into your questions.

It’s a good idea to test both the survey and the quiz. Learn which one works better for you, test again, and refine as needed to get the most results.

#5: Gamify Your Survey

Another way to add fun to your survey is by making your survey feel more like a game.

Not only will you pique your respondents interest, but you make the survey more fun so they’re more likely to keep going.

You don’t have to be a game designer to use gamification in your survey. Simply incorporate polls, quizzes, fun incentives, and a lot of humor.

While you create your ultra-fun survey, though, be sure not to go overboard. In the end, you want the best results possible, and if you go to deep into the fun, you’ll steer far away from valid results.

#6: Have Fun with Multiple Choice

Another way to insert fun survey questions is to play with the answers.

For example, if you have a multiple choice question, you might have three serious answers, and one that is more humorous in nature.

Do be careful here because some people might choose the humorous question as the answer. So, consider doing this only with a question that isn’t imperative to your data, but that adds a little fun to your survey.

Final Thoughts

According to, “A survey is only as good as the responses it receives from the responders. One way to increase the number of survey responses is to use humor to make your surveys fun.”

When you make your surveys fun, you make your customers feel important, and thus, they are more likely to complete your survey.

Most surveyors will find that by using fun and humor in their surveys, their respondents are more engaged. Once your customers realized you’ve peppered your survey with humor, they’ll actually want to keep going. (tweet this)

Your respondents will be intrigued enough to keep on going. And, if you’ve offered something of value at the end, the combination of fun and a prize can help you increase your completion rates.

In addition, if you survey your audience on a regular basis, they’ll look forward to opening and completing each survey to see what you’ve come up with next.

Surveys help you make the best decisions for your business. Are you ready to get started with your free Survey Town trial? Start with your free account today, and you can upgrade at any time.

Image: Park Troopers on Unsplash