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How To Sell Survey Data: Unlock the Power of Your Survey Results—Start Selling Now!

Survey data can be quite valuable to companies and organizations who use it to make decisions about their services, products, and strategies. However, monetizing survey results and research insights can be challenging. For this reason, the Survey Town team created a brief yet comprehensive guide to help you learn how to sell survey data. You’ll find information about preparing your data, finding the right customers for any survey, and a few helpful tips. Let’s dive in!

Prepare Your Data for Sale

After collecting survey data, be sure to do the following:

Where To Sell Survey Data

The next step is reaching out to individuals and organizations who may be interested in purchasing the survey data. We also suggest you use social media and other marketing channels to promote the availability of your surveys and find the buyer quickly. You can either sell the study as is or share insights you gained by analyzing the data

Here are the different ways you can sell survey data.

1. Sell Your Data Directly

The most straightforward method is selling your data directly to another organization after a private interaction with the interested party.

You have to either do some research to find a potential buyer or already have a relationship with an organization that might want to buy your data.

2. Join a Private Marketplace

A private marketplace is where companies exchange data. You can join a data marketplace to sell your results to buyers in transparent transactions.

Most of these marketplaces have a steady stream of buyers readily available, regularly looking to buy survey data for market research or other purposes.

3. Sell It to a Data Aggregator

The third option is to sell your results to a data aggregator or a similar company, which sells data to organizations that require it.

While it’s easier to do it through a third party, note that you may not have control over the transactions or even get a favorable price. So, just to be safe, do sufficient research to ensure you’ll be working with a reputable company. 

Example of survey data; Source:


With the increasing demand for market research, selling survey data can be a profitable business opportunity. 

Ensure the survey results are relevant, segmented, and anonymized (if necessary) before you attempt to sell them. Then, agree on a fair price, and remember to follow up with the buyer after the sale to ensure they are satisfied.

Also, if you need help creating a survey, collecting the data, or presenting the results, don’t hesitate to use Survey Town!